Beginning in late 1980 and spanning through the early part of the 1990′s, brothers Steve and Kent Copeland began building rental homes and apartment complexes in the Upper Cumberland area and throughout East Tennessee.  During this process, we started performing general plumbing repairs which led to certification in mid 1990.  As a certified contractor for Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center, we covered the entire state of Tennessee, replumbing homes that had polybutaline plumbing in them.  It was during this phase, our company began to realize the importance of quality homebuilding practices and the problems that plague homeowners when deficiencies exist.

Later, we decided to expand our business to include restoration services.  In mid 1990, we initiated the insurance restoration segment of our company, allowing us to specialize in fire and water restoration, roofing, siding, guttering, and other insurance-related work. Although our company has evolved over the years to accommodate changing consumer needs, we still have the same dedication to quality and superior customer service demonstrated by brothers Steve and Kent Copeland from the beginning.

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