If sudden water damage occurs to your property, it is important to dry all wet areas and provide circulation to aid in the drying process.  Because mold can begin to grow within 48 hours of water damage, time is of the essence in this process.  At TMR, we don’t just focus on drying out carpet and pads, but with getting the entire structure dry to prevent fungal development and reduce repairs & replacements with the ultimate goal of decreasing overall costs.  With advanced technology, in most cases we can dry the affected floor covering in place, making it quicker and easier to return to your normal activities.  We use the best, most efficient drying equipment in the industry so you can rest assured your water damage will be completely eradicated.


The successful restoration of fire and smoke damage requires a special kind of person; one who is proud of and dedicated to his profession and is equipped with state of the art equipment, chemicals, and technology.  At TMR, we use the latest and most effective restoration techniques powered by an experienced, knowledgeable, and committed workforce to restore your property to pre-loss condition.  We use advanced equipment and environmentally safe chemicals to clean and deodorize your property and personal items.  We have successfully cleaned and removed odors from structures ranging in size from a single-family home to a 55,000 sq. ft. commercial building.  Our knowledge about cleaning fire and smoke damaged surfaces can save items that normally would be lost.


Heightened awareness of mold has increased the complexity of water damage situations.  Our certified mold remediators are trained and experienced in the complicated issues of mold remediation, its integral involvement with water damage and the boundaries drawn by the insurance policy.  The goal of mold remediation is to return the indoor environment to a state of normal fungal ecology typically found in properly maintained structures without a history of water damage.

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